ILM Projects Blog

ILM Projects blog

This is a blog where I write about anything and everything related to Arabic, education, and anything else.

Oh hai Salam alaikum, it’s me Zaynab! How are you?

If you’re new here I am the Arabic magnets lady. I created Letter Connector in 2017 as a result of being frustrated with the lack of creative resources for learning Arabic.By the mercy of Allah, Letter Connector has been sold in 30 countries to date ranging from Czechia to New Zealand to Thailand.

My main motivation behind creating Letter Connector was to give children fun and interactive memories of learning Arabic. Learning Arabic is usually linked to the Qur’an and directly impacts a young Muslims relationship with Allah, and so I wanted to create a tool that wasn’t boring.

Alongside this I wanted to start a blog to share my experiences and thoughts on all things related to Arabic, education and well-being of Muslims, so here it is :).